“Just-Suppose We Could Make A Difference”


Thanks for stopping by our store today or whatever the moment is in your corner of the world. So happy that you took the time out of your busy life, to brows our store; when you could have find a million things to do , again I thank you. We are so much more than a store; we aim to inspire our customers, hoping that when you leave here today you will tell a friend or love ones about us. We are a very unique brand that is in business to help others.


         For this reason we ask you one very important question, which is “Just -Suppose you could make a significance difference in a child’s life today would you do it? If the answer is yes , come and help us to make a difference in the life of a little poor child, by purchasing something from our e-commerce store. Whatever you can afford or kind enough to purchase, it will be greatly appreciated; and out of every dollar you spend……… 50% ……….will go straight back to help a hungry child to have a little food on his or her table today as simple as it may sound, reason is sometimes tomorrow is much too late. I know this first hand because I too was one of them , born in poverty of which I understand too well.

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Just –Suppose you and I could be a part of the solution and not the problem that plagues our world every day? Still the fact that we are alive and find ourselves among the living tells us that there is still work left for you and I to do. Don’t let this moment slip away I pray. Kids who would love to help could just tell other kids about our mission…

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The Reason

At Just-Suppose we create and provide gifts that are little tokens of love and thoughts that will make you smile. For instance, we create our t-shirts as though you were to wear your loved ones heart on your sleeve. Whether you give or receive a gift from our growing selection we hope it inspires and enlightens you to know that it’s never a wrong time to surprise…

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I Am A Poster Child Of Poverty

Poverty has no face color or creed; it affects every down-trodden child across the world, whether red, yellow, black, or white. Children did not ask to be born poor, much less put in ghettoes of life where   poverty has become the hallmark of their story forcing many in forbidden situations within their  countries. Children cannot choose their parents or which zip code or postal code they live in.

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Tell Your Story to Just –Suppose : Tell us about that one special incident in your life that mattered most. That one person or family/ friend. If they did not help you when you needed it most where would you be today?
Send your Story to us of any Kind of DEEDS that needs to be told /known as one candle lights, another across the world because all it takes is one little spark to start a bond fire or get a fire glowing and it can begin in you.

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The Forgotten Ones

Help me to Fund this very urgent and most needed Mission here in America and across the world, to Africa, Asia South America, and especially the Third-world countries and the Rest of The world that needed our help most.  My Goal this Year is a Million Dollars three will be better, of which fifty percent ( 50 %  )  of everything  we  do CD, Books T-Shirts and memorabilia’s….

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The Plan

THE PLAN To RID THE WORLD of Poverty and HOMELESSNESS………… One Family At a TIME.

What JUST SUPPOSE Will do to Help the 100 million homeless people in the world ,is to have musical concerts across the world. The Money that is raised will go back to the people that are homeless plus the hungry children.

1 We will create a Just -Suppose commercial vehicle  for those who really want to help themselves…

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How You Can Help……..

Help to CHANGE a LIFE with a Gift of Love & Inspiration..because what you wear says a lot….Just Like a picture says a thousand words….. Just Suppose we could help one child at a TIME who knows the stench of poverty, How can we help them…


The Reason

At just-suppose we create and provide gifts that are little tokens of love and thoughts that will make you smile. for instance, we create our t-shirts as though you were to wear your loved ones heart on your sleeve. whether you give….



to help to alleviate hunger and poverty


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